While teaching myself Colemak I also made a type-training program for myself—Amphetype. The first version was written in some hypomania of non-stop coding, with the core idea and functionality completed after just two days. I would continue to improve it somewhat for about a month, as I was actively using it myself, though the post-Christmas depression that year was pretty bad and severed all my ties with it.

Much later I discovered that it was actually in use by other people, that others had discovered it and found it useful. Some had implemented several modifications. Someone had even written a clone completely from scratch (in C#) (tho with less features as far as I could tell).

This inspired me to revitalize the project somewhat. I found my old code in the Google Code archive and updated the code base aggressively, switching from Qt4 to Qt5. I also implemented a lot of fixes that I found posted from back then (which I had ignored entirely), added a few new features, made it into a pip package for easier installation, and so on.

Link to repo.