Endless Consumption

A year of gluttony.


Oh my dear life and heart. Rarely painfree or comfortable. Sometimes a tad on the intense side. Hard to watch alone.

Normal People


Scenes from a Marriage

White Lotus


Gilmore Girls

The Office (US)


Great, but easier on the soul. This is Goldilocks TV—soothing for mind and stomach.

The Foundation

See The Foundation.

The Kominsky Method

A show about old actors having trouble peeing.



Beautiful cinematography.

Brand New Cherry Flavor

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Love the character of Maisel’s father, Abe.

The End of the Fucking World

The Expanse

All but season 5. Season 5 is awful.

The Twelve


Fine, enjoyable; don’t regret watching it, in the literal sense.



The Sinner (season 1)



Babylon Berlin

Here and Now

Queen’s Gambit

D through F.

Little merit, try again, or actively trying to cause me pain.

Killing Eve

The story is pain, the characters are pain, the writing is pain, all is pain.

Squid Game

A group from the Anime Acting Academy fight to the death in this subtle social commentary of economic inequality. If there is a plot twist at the end, it is completely natural and not at all forced.

Star Trek: Discovery

I was taken in at first because it seemed so grand… Crisp visuals, great computer graphics and effects—

But the show seemed to get high on its own special sauce, insisting on constant mindless action, especially favoring the most ridiculous form of action in a hyper-advanced universe full of magic science: hand-to-hand combat.

I’d have liked it much better if it chilled out and rather committed to the silliness and deadpan humor.

The Stand

Dead to Me

Two female stereotypes joined at the hip. The control-freak shrew with a raging temper, taking it upon herself to make the tough choices, to become hard when others are too soft. The wide-eyed bird-like nurturer, forever tending her neighbor’s flowerbed between her yoga classes.

Yet the show seems to be heavily intended for women. Perhaps giving each a pole to identify with?

Ex, Unsorted

  • Emma
  • The Hobbit
  • Dune
  • The Remains of the Day
  • Invasion