Did all the non-pwn crypto.

One of the few CTFs I could be said to have actually participated in lately. That is, I did the tasks as the CTF was running and inputted the flags like a good boy.

The tasks (crypto) were a bit… I don’t know1, like a five-minute video stretched to the ten-minute mark, like your fourth-favorite noodle brand, like showing up at your friend’s house because he said you could have his bookshelf, but it turns out he didn’t mean the black one. I mean it wasn’t bad, just not great, y’know. That center band where you feel like an asshole if you complain about it. As far as I remember HITCON focuses more on trve h4ck3r stuff, as evidenced by the fact that several of the crypto tasks were locked behind pwn tasks. I’m grateful for any pure crypto, really.

The misc were also tied up to trve hacker or binary images and stuff, the only “free” misc looked like web/forensics, so.

  1. Two of the tasks (the magic ones) were nearly identical, my solution worked for both, and I’m not sure what the “easier” solution was supposed to be.